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UPDATE – October 31, 2013: To watch and hear an interview with Sandi York, Bandit’s human, click on the image below – it will take you to youtube where you can watch the entire interview. On October 13, 2013, I visited with Sandi and Bandit and was happy for the opportunity to ask Sandi questions about what it’s like to have Bandit home for the past five months since her release from death row. I also wanted to give her some time to spend with Bandit at home before I would return to ask her all these questions – the answers to which we all want to know the answers! Enjoy.  Pat

Click to watch Video

Click to watch Video

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On Friday, May 31, 2013 Bandit walked out of the shelter’s front doors, never looking back. This is an amazing story about Sandi’s devotion and love for her best friend, Bandit. It’s also about endurance and persistence–Bandit was held on death row for over three years. To get Dogster’s perspective, Click here.

Here is a brief history:

Bandit is an 8 year-old female mixed breed dog belonging to Sandi York. Sandi is an elderly disabled woman and Bandit was her constant companion during her illness until Bandit was taken by the County of Sacramento Animal Care & Regulation for allegedly biting a letter carrier on the thigh as he attempted to obtain a signature for a letter. An account about what happened on April 10, 2010, three years ago, is contained in the contents of this site for your review and consideration.

On April 27, 2010, the AC&R ruled that Bandit is a vicious and dangerous dog and ordered that she be destroyed. Although the battle continues to save Bandit’s life, one cannot ignore that after three full years at the AC&R, Bandit has clearly demonstrated to be a well-behaved dog. Bandit is housed in the ‘death row’ kennel area of the shelter where there are other dogs doomed to be euthanized. It is truly sad to see that these dogs do not have the support and love that Bandit is receiving from people all over the world.

In spite of her living conditions, closely confined, lack of exercise and no socialization, she remains a well-balanced dog and is able to follow commands easily and happily. We hope this video serves as proof to anyone watching that Bandit does not deserve to die for making a mistake while protecting her home and then provoked to defend herself against the letter carrier who, by his own account, first kicked her in the face repeatedly.

An independent evaluation by Bandit’s owners choosing will be conducted in the near future to prove once and for all to the AC&R and the public that Bandit does not present a threat now nor in the future upon her release back to the community.

Thank you for visiting Bandit’s site and we hope you will join in any way you can to support our cause to save Bandit’s life and return her to her guardian Sandi York.

Video link: http://youtu.be/90h0_rx15Ak

35 thoughts

  1. They need to have the mail carrier kicked in the face with steel toe boots for making a claim against a dog that only left a muster seed print on his upper leg. I can do the same damage to my leg or arm with a fingernail! Also why is the county not complaining about keeping the dog at their expense, sounds like Bandit has been punished enough for the last 3 years and should be able to go home.

    • Marcy, the AC&R is not keeping Bandit at their expense. The dog owner has been required to pay monthly for the past three years for boarding Bandit on death row. This is all around the worst that could happen to this poor disabled elderly lady. We are working on justice for both Sandi and her beloved Bandit. Please share. Thanks. Pat

      • The progress began a week ago and continues into this week and could end next week. We can’t elaborate but everything is being done to bring Bandit–a female 9 year old dog–home. Thank you all for your support.

      • The wheels turn very slow and we all have to be patient. Thanks for the continued support. When something develops that I can publish, I will. In the meantime, we’ve agreed on both sides to stay quiet until a resolution has been reached.

      • Let’s get the puppy dog out and quit blowing smoke up each other ass. He not a danger. Let me bring hi$ tex
        Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

      • I’m sorry, I’d love to see someone GET BANDIT OUT, but just EXACTLY HOW ARE YOU PROPOSING TO DO T H A T ??? What am I missing? TU, Billie 🙂

    • I agree wholeheartedly. We can only hope and pray that the people in a position to help Bandit at long last be returned home, for his well-being and that of his person. This is so sad & unnecessary. It seems some people, like this mail carrier, want to take a relatively simple thing and make it as difficult and complicated as possible. Surely Sacramento’s taxpayer $ can be better spent than keeping on with ‘imprisoning /traumatizing Bandit — and hurting his owner/person? TU, Billie 🙂

  2. This is an insanity. Being an American living in Italy and also being disabled (65 years old), I can understand SO well this woman’s love and need for Bandit. She is obviously a GOOD dog. I want to see how people would react to being kicked in the face-I’m sure NO ONE would react with just a tiny bite like Bandit did. I would have taken a BIG chomp of this idiot if it was me.
    This is a really a shameful act on the part of the “most advanced” land of the world-how can I defend my country-men to the Italians here? It seems more like WE, Americans, are the REAL “third world”.
    Get Bandit back home to this woman who loves her and needs her NOW! Looks like the “death penalty” is America’s favorite game-

  3. The mail carriers should be taught how to face the dogs in proper ways not kicking them. I had a dog, which bit a man because he was teasing while my dog was growling at him. That’s wrong approching!
    Please free Bandit!
    God, please help Bandit to go home now. Amen

  4. typical US govt bullying of its citizens and their properties(pets)/ my city declared my dog dangerous cause it bit a staff member while in vet hospital after that person kicked my dog as seen in surveillance video/ I hate govt bureaucracies that overpower its citizens/+

  5. Let this loving dog go home! She was doing her job, protecting her owner. Stop the insanity of government bureaucracy gone awry. What is to be gained at this point by keeping this dog from her guardian?

  6. i just saw on the news about this woman and her dog Bandit and how she has to pay over 100.00 a month in fees, but this women has stated that this dog is her best friend can you just imagine if you put this dog down you might as well put the lady down also because she will probably die of a broken heart, There has to be a way for this women to get her dog back or some kind of conditions she would be required to do to keep the dog in the house or back yard at all times. It’s just sad to see such a small thing like this to clog our courts instead of the really focusing on the bigger things that are going on in our city.

    • Sweetie, I don’t think that’s possible because of the impracticality of it. (He would be inundated w/requests from all over the country re similar situations for people & animals — he would have no time to govern…. & he’d probably be accused of doing it for ‘publicity’ or whatever — not that THAT would stop him.) It’s a great idea, just don’t believe it’s realistically doable… Have a great day, Jackie. A fellow animal lover, Billie 🙂

  7. Let Sandi & Bandit go home today!!! Admit there was an error ! Bandit has served his time—SHOW you are fair & care—LET BANDIT & Sandi go home together PLEASE!

  8. The only reason AC&R is keeping Bandit alive is the $100 a month Sandi is paying to them to keep him alive. Like any other agency, it’s all about the MONEY! Shame on you AC&R and Dave Dickinson, relative to Assemblymember Roger Dickinson. Both corrupt and have the power to make your life hell!

    • Aw, what a sin. Poor Bandit & Sandi — corruption & idiocy abound everywhere. They are in my thoughts and prayers, poor sweethearts. (This disabled woman is having to PAY THEM $100/MO to make her life a living nightnare — they must be sociopaths to allow this to continue — and not just let the dog go home.)

      I love CA, lived there over 30 yrs, ’til ENRON ran the economy into the ground in 2001, etc. So this is shocking; I thought Californians were more empathetic to animals.

      B. L. Close, Concerned Human

  9. U are so right… These two need each other asap — enough is enough. So much time has been needlessly lost already. What a shame, poor Bandit and Sandi. Life can be so unfair sometimes. I also implore those in authority to do whatever it takes to get Bandit back to Sandi asap… tu, Billie

  10. This is insane!!!! Let this poor dog go home to his mothers LOVE!! This poor dog NIPS an idoit that makes this a BIG ordeal but yet PEOPLE who abuse and torture animals (like Patrick the dieing dog from NJ) get a slap on the wrist without any jail time!! How about the dog fighting rings………………..this is CRAZY!! This woman’s life depends on Bandit and vise versa! PLEASE HELP!

  11. I just don’t get it, a dog biting a mailman is like the common story…, the dog was protecting her territory that’s what they do. You can’t blame or kill an animal because it protected its home and owner. This shit is ruthless dogs are people to and bandit acted with territorial aggression…its in any dogs nature I can’t even believe that this.has.gone on for so long as a resident of.sac.county I’m willing.to sign any petition to help bandit and his mommy!

  12. Just wondering after repeatedly kicking Bandit in the face – and Bandit responding appropriately I would guess – could the mail carrier by blowing this way out of proportion using this to file for worker’s compensation and now is locked into their allegations thus dooming Sandi and Bandit to this ridiculous separation??? Just a thought.
    Prayers for Bandit and Sandi to be reunited.
    Is there any legal steps that can be taken or will Sandi just be forced to pay $100 every month until they decide to put Bandit
    to sleep?

    • In this world, sounds very feasible. I hope that’s not it — but who knows? Stinking mail carrier… Poor Bandit & his mom, Sandi — this is so unfair & ludicrous. My prayers & thoughts are with them every day. Billie

      • Damn.
        Damn. The postman had. He kicksd my dog. I would. B in jail. I would knocked. The crap out of him with extreme prejudice. He’s a no good sobitch. Low life. Lower. Than whale shit. Its at the bottom of the ocean

      • I love it! But ‘don’t be shy,’ hee hee, y don’t ya say WHAT U REALLY FEEL?? U’re a good soul, wish u had been there 2 save Bandit & his mom from all this HEARTACHE & STRESS. Take good care, Billie

  13. I said I am coming home to Sacramento and I hope I can sign the petition .Since i was born and raised there and my family is there incl. my sister would I be able to sign a some kind of absentee petition. I AM ALWAYS BRAGGING ABOUT SACRAMENTO COUNTY AND HOW FAIR OUR LAWS ARE. EVEN A DISABLED WOMAN CAN NOT HAVE PROTECTION . THIS DOG IS A VICTIM OF ARE UGLY HUMANE WAYS. PLEASE ;TO THE POWERS OF THIS COUNTY ”PROVE ME RIGHT THAT THIS IS THE FAIR AND JUST COUNTY THAT I ALWAYS BELIEVED. COME ON GOV JERRY BROWN. COULD YOU

      • YES GOD PLEASE HELP HER & HELP THESE MEN TO RECOGNIZE THAT THEY ARE WRONG.////// Is any one of these men A CHRISTIAN realize how much
        they are hurting the owner of bandit. Your EGO is in the way. To be a GOOD
        CHRISTIAN is to live CHRIST LIKE.. With all the EVIL that is going on in this world
        can you not give us out here a breath of fresh air and show us some goodness for
        the owner of this dog. I feel that Bandit is being used for some kind of revenge.

  14. The peoples job
    Is to see justice is done SHAME on. YOU SACROMENTO COUNTY “. Shame. Shame. Free BANDIT

  15. What the bureaucrats are doing to Sandy and her dog Bandit is rotten. They need to have a wake up call. Bandit belongs at home with her mom, this is one dog that should have never been locked up in the first place. It seems now days all the want to do is kill the animals and keep the murderers alive. They have things backwards. Here Bandit was protecting her mom, and that means she was doing her job, so if she was doing her job like she was supposed to shows me that if someone broke into my house and my dog attack the jerk, my dog would be put down. I can tell you that would never happen. They would have to do it over my dead body. I mean it too they would have to kill me to get to my dog.

  16. Do the right thing SACRAMENTO! Bandit is obviously not a vicious animal….How can you sleep at night??! Let Sweet Bandit go home to his mom…! Prayers are with YOU BANDIT!

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